All On Green - Burnt Mill Brewery

Have to say I was excited to try this one, being a co-lab from one of my favourite UK breweries and the creme of the crop from New York 🇬🇧 ♾ 🇺🇸

Initial impressions were very good, a lovely smooth pour of what smelt like pure pineapple juice with faint hints of passion fruit and lime. 🍍🍈

Now...I’m not one to normally give a bad review but I just felt this lacked the quality that I was expecting. All the elements of a great DIPA were there but in my opinion the balance was just off...🤷‍♂️

The booze came through strongly from the start and I felt like the hop bill with prominent notes of coconut, lime and vanilla just didn’t work with this style .

Definitely not a bad beer at all but for my palate at least, not the marriage it promised to be. Try one and prove me wrong though, I think those with a sweet tooth will love it !
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