Neal Gets Things Done - Verdant Brewing Co

Realised that I’d never had the pleasure of drinking this Verdant release before and so had to rectify the situation by cracking a fresh can 🙌

What can I say, being a home brewer and falling in love with the smell of a bag of hops this beer hits all the same senses as you go to take your first sip 👃

Bags of zingy citrus, pine, dank and sweaty aromas with hints of grape, tropical fruit and sweet berry. I could taste it before even taking my first sip which also did not disappoint 🌲🍊🍓🍍🥭

Hats to to Verdant once again. I can see why this has been re-brewed a few times and would love to see more it it around once they start churning out beers from their new facility later on this month 🤞

‘Delicious’ is the only word needed to sum up this A grade NEIPA 🤤
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