Raspberry, Mint & Cocoa Nib Sour - Little Earth Project

Got to say we were very intrigued by this combination of ingredients when the bottles landed here this afternoon so had to crack a bottle straight away 😋

Pours a cherry red colour with low carbonation and little to no head to speak of …

Initial aromas of freshly cut mint, cacoa nibs and ripe winter berries. Evoking memories of eating After Eight mints and home-made raspberry jam at my grandparent’s 👪

Taste is superbly balanced, mint and chocolate lingering in the background with upfront acidity, tart red currents, blackberries and blackcurrant and a natural sweetness from the raspberry addition 🍇

You can tell the base beer was very well made - clean minerality and a great mouthfeel for a beer of this strength. The taste of raw cacao becomes more prominent as it warms up and there’s just the faintness hint on brett which makes me think this would be ripe for ageing 📆

Truly an excellent beer - hats off to LEP !
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