Past Life - Pressure Drop Brewing

Having seen the return of American hop ‘Ekuanot’ pop up in quite a few beers recently I was interested to taste P...

Wondermare - Hackney brewery & Polly's Brew Co.

Pours a deep red colour with a fragrant aroma of forest fruits and fruity hops 👌Lovely soft mouthfeel, tart berri...

The Gradients - Pressure Drop Brewing

Pours a very pleasing yellow straw colour with the aroma hitting you as soon as you crack open the can .Fine, spri...

And That’s Why I Don’t Like Cricket - Pomona Island Brew Co

I wonder who doesn’t like cricket.No one likes cricket 😁Yellow/orange, hazy body. Tropical juicy and grainy taste....

Have a Break - Fiercebeer

I really wanted to taste this beer because of what it claims it is. Also because our friend @iamhellsbells said it...

21 Pina Colada - Brew By Numbers & Cool Head Brew

This has the real Pina Colada taste. Lots of pineapple to begin with and then coconut aftertaste. No hop aromas b...
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