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Dim Sum

& Craft Beer

is a pairing fit for the gods!

We are very proud and excited to work with SOUL EAST to introduce a brand-new ‘Pan Asian Food’ to accompany our wide range of craft beer. 

SOUL EAST have focused on producing a small menu full of some seriously bold flavours. Whether you are an omnivore or vegan, we are serving delicious Asian dishes that you really need to eat!!



Shitake Dumplings (vegan) - daikon, chives, shitake powder & fermented mushroom vinegar with rice noodles, pickled enoji mushrooms & morning glory £7

Pork Gyozas - lemongrass & green chilli dumplings, radish, spring onion & black vinegar with rice noodles, morning glory & crispy shallots £8

Scallop & Sweetcorn Gyozas - nori, toasted rice & combu vinegar with rice noodles, water spinach & seaweed salad £9


Crispy ‘Cong You Bing’ Chinese Pancake (vegan) - layered with sesame & spring onions, with peanut sauce, Asian slaw, Thai basil, sesame & crispy shallots £7


Thai Honey Pork Ribs - Korean hot sauce, green chilli, coriander & sesame seeds with Asian slaw, Thai basil, sesame & crispy shallots £9

 Food allergens: sesame, peanuts, gluten, soy.
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