Ca' Del Brado - Cuvee de Zrisa 7.8% (375ml)

Ca' Del Brado

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Cuve de Zrisa is a sour ale with cherries of our territory.

In analogy with our other fruit sour ales the name begins with Cuve , a term that aims to highlight how the bases of these products are a dedicated selection among the barrel refinements of our cellar.

Zrisa, on the other hand, is the translation of cherry in the Bolognese dialect.

This beer was made by macerating two different varieties of corns in our area (one sweeter and juicy, the other more sour) in a beer previously aged in oak with brettanomyces Bruxellensis and contamination of yeasts and bacteria present in our cellar .

The result is a ruby- colored beer with fruity notes of cherry , a pronounced freshness of white fruit, a hint of spice, sour cherry and leather. A subtle acetic presence penetrates with the complexity conferred by the wood .

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