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Northern Monk - Psychopomp 7%

Northern Monk

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"Initially, we struggled to get hold of the Pigsx7 guys at first when we were trying to find out what they wanted to brew for their second patrons beer. Turns out they were locked away in a deep, dark recording studio laying down some new material on the hottest week of the year, and when they finally emerged, having missed the hot weather, all they were craving was the lost sun and some much needed rejuvenating vitamins. One tropical fruit, vitamin-infused IPA coming right up, lads.

We started with a New England base of pale and pilsner barley malt combined with malted and flaked oats for the signature mouthfeel and haze, backing this up with some lactose and plenty of whirlpool Citra for good measure. Mid-fermentation, with our house IPA yeast, we started pumping in a metric ton of pureed tropical fruit – mango, guava, pineapple and finally some mandarin. Just in case that wasn’t enough revitalisation, we added some vitamin C directly to the mix. Not only a silky, juicy, tropical bomb of a beer but hopefully doing you some good too."

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