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Northern Monk - Scaffell Pike 6%

Northern Monk

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“Designed to be deceptive in body and flavour; we’ve been pushing our recipe development skills with new complex grist formulations, carefully sculpted water profiles and any other techniques we could uncover to build robustness. We sign

off with a 6% IPA designed to stand up to its far bigger double IPA rivals. Taking what we had learnt from beers such as Striding Edge and Helvellyn, we put together a grist of malted and flaked oats, chit malt and Vienna, a combination which gives us optimum mouthfeel, body as well as a lovely biscuit and bread malt character.

We mashed high and added maltodextrin to the kettle, a complex and largely unfermentable sugar, to further bulk up the wort. After a generous whirlpool of monk favourites Citra and Columbus, we then double dry hopped to 20g/l with the same hops plus Azacca, a hop which has really caught our attention recently for its delightful aroma of honeydew melon and passionfruit. Throw in more tropical fruit and a subtle touch of pepper and pine, the result is everything we hoped for - juicy, resinous and most definitely punching above its weight.“

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