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Yonder - Suki 6%

Brew Yonder

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“Every now and again, whilst we’re out foraging, we discover a flavour which needs to be shared.
This time, it was a spice which is surprisingly common, but most people are unaware of.
Stags Horn Sumach can be found growing as an ornamental tree in gardens throughout the UK. 
Its beautiful, furry red fruit cones pointing towards the sky in Autumn and luckily for us, last a little way in to the colder months. 
They are full of citrus flavour and are often used in Moroccan dishes.
Whole cones can be steeped in water to make a refreshing drink, which gave 
the Sumac the nickname ‘The Lemonade tree’.

Fermented with our house cultures, a gentle acidity balances the saison base and lets these wild flavours do the talking.”

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